Collect points with every booking

1 booking = 100 points

1000 points =
25 zł
2000 points =
60 zł
5000 points =
200 zł

How to redeem points?

Dineout - печели точки с всяка резервация
Collect a minimum of 1000 points
Dineout - печели точки с всяка резервация
Choose to redeem points
and get a voucher during
your next booking
Dineout - печели точки с всяка резервация
Get the voucher’s
value off of the whole bill
Book now

What should I know about my points?

Collect 100 points with every booking regardless of the restaurant you choose or device you use (computer or smartphone).

Collect more points and get higher value vouchers.

Only one voucher can be used per booking.

If your bill is less than the vouchers value, no change will be offered and no points will be returned to your Dineout account.

If you cancel a booking with an applied voucher you’ll receive the points back. If you cancel the booking less than 2 hours before the reservation start time, 50 points will be subtracted from your account.

If you fail to attend a booking 400 points will be subtracted from your Dineout account. No points will be returned if there is a voucher applied to the booking.

Frequently asked questions

Who can participate in the program?

Every Dineout user enrolls automatically with Dineout Club and starts collecting points.

What happens if I don’t go to a reservation?

You will loose 400 points if you fail to go to a booking you’ve made. If you’ve applied a voucher to this booking you won’t get the points back.

Does the number of guests affect the number of points I receive?

No, you’ll get 100 points for every booking.

How many points do I have?

Check the amount of points collected in your personal profile with Dineout. You can also check there how many points you need to get your next voucher.

Where can I use Dineout vouchers?

You can use vouchers at any restaurant listed on Dineout.

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